Fascinating Facts About Your Cat

For Cat Lovers. Learn more about your puss.

Fascinating Facts About Your Cat
For Cat Lovers. Learn more about your puss. From amazing feline history to how their great love affects us to astonishing cat records, you will find many facts about our furry friends you didn't know before. You will discover: The earliest evidence of cat domestication (Hint: It isn't the Ancient Egyptians). The longest living kitty on record. According to myth, what happens to a corpse when a cat walks over it. Strange feline behavior. What grooming does for your kitty-cat (Hint: It's more than you think). How well your cat can see in total darkness (It may surprise you). Which famous physicist invented the cat door. And much more. Sam sez, "See what I have to say inside. It's the cat's meow!" Cats touch each cat lover's life. With their affection, attraction, and attitude, they build us up and play with us emotionally and physically. Such joy comes from their lives with us and such sorrow when they are lost to us.

We are so much richer with cats. This collection of fascinating feline facts will keep you turning pages to find out more and more about your puss. What are you waiting for? Peter Scottsdale has studied and researched cats for many years. He has been an avid cat lover for over forty years since he was a young boy. He lives with his two felines, Scottie and Tanzy, and his bunny, Jack, in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He has an Associate of Arts Diploma and works as a disc jockey when he's not writing. This is his first book.

The Cat Bible
The Cat Bible explains the mysteries of feline behavior to owners who are devoted to their cats without being able to fully understand them.

Why Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?
Great book about cats: Why Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?

Cat Facts
Information and facts about cats

How long are cats pregnant?
How long do cats carry kittens?

Why do cats purr?
Why do cats purr? Cats purr for many reasons.

Why do cats have whiskers?
Why do cats have whiskers and what do they use them for?

Amazing Cat Facts and Trivia
As everyone who has ever owned a cat knows, no other animal on the planet is quite like this amazing creature.

How Long Do Cats Live?
Find out how long your cat will live and what you can do to make it live longer.

How long do cats sleep?
How long do cats sleep and why do they sleep so long?

How do Cats purr?
How do Cats purr? Find out how cats purr.

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