Wireless Connection

Wireless connection at Elmonica Station

Affordable high-speed wireless Internet 1MB Internet, E-mail, web page, free onsite installation and local support for only:


Hevanet wireless Internet is available to most Elmonica Station owners and renters. For all the details, and how to sign-up, go to Beaverton Wireless

CALL 503-531-9048 FOR DETAILS

RAM Upgrade
Make your Computer feel like new again with more RAM

Tech Tracking
Rules of the game for a wired workforce.

Kinect for Xbox
Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways - no controller required.

Impossible to Please
Environmentalists find fault with alternative energy options.

The Science of Speed
High-Tech Companies Connect with Champ Car Races.

800 Numbers
How to talk to someone in the US instead of abroad when calling an 800 number.

Comments from 1955
Interesting comments from 1955.

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